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O'Hara Lobster Bait

O’Hara Lobster Bait has been supplying coast of Maine lobstermen and women for over 65 years. Operating a full indoor processing facility and over 3.5 million lbs. of cold storage, we work to always keep you supplied with bait.

Fresh Lobster Bait

Owner and operator of two Atlantic herring vessels, the F/V Sunlight and F/V Starlight, O’Hara Lobster Bait can bring you a high-quality fresh or salted herring lobster bait. After the fish are caught, they are immediately put into refrigerated sea water fish holds aboard the herring boats. Here the seawater is kept at 29 degrees to prevent spoil. The boats then steam to our Rockland, ME based processing facility where they are directly put into tanks and barrels, then into to the cooler for storage for sale.

Barrel$215est. 400 lbs
Tank$965est. 1800 lbs
BarrelOut till Springest. 400 lbs
Barrel$210est. 400 lbs

All Prices are Subject to Change Depending on the Market.

Frozen Lobster Bait

To supplement our seasonal herring catch and keep our customers supplied, O’Hara Lobster Bait sources frozen product from around the globe. From West coast rockfish, Menhaden (pogies), to Pacific Ocean tuna heads, we stock a wide variety of frozen bait options. Purchase by the box or by the pallet for a volume discount.

Pallet$12.5022 lbs box
Box$13.0022 lbs box
Rockfish Heads
Pallet$12.5022 lbs box
Box$13.0022 lbs box
Rockfish Headless Frames
Pallet$12.5022 lbs box
Box$13.0022 lbs box
Pallet$26.0044 lbs box
Box$26.5044 lbs box
Redfish Heads (Price & Box Size varies due to availability)
Pallet$27.2546 lbs box
Box$27.7546 lbs box
Pallet$26.2545 lbs box
Box$26.7545 lbs box
Black Cod
Box$17.7522 lbs box
Cardboard Vat$0.71Per Pound
Carp Heads
Pallet$27.5050 lbs box
Box$28.0050 lbs box

All Prices are Subject to Change Depending on the Market.

Contact O’Hara Lobster Bait

O’Hara Bait Office
19 Front Street
Rockland, ME 04841

Fresh Bait
Wyatt Anderson
(207) 542-1887

Frozen Bait
Seth Anderson
(207) 542-1856

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